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Metropolis of Monticello Ordinance #820 permits for using golf carts on sure roadways inside the Metropolis of Monticello.



WHEREAS, native governments, together with cities, are vested with the flexibility to authorize and regulate the operation of a golf cart on public roadways below its jurisdiction in accordance with KRS 189.286, and

WHEREAS, the Metropolis Council, after reviewing the matter, believes it’s correct to permit using golf carts on metropolis roadways.


SECTION I. “Golf cart,” as used on this Ordinance, shall have the identical definition utilized in KRS 189.286(1)(a).

SECTION II. Any golf cart operated below this Ordinance shall be issued a allow to be used by the Metropolis of Monticello. This allow shall be displayed on the golf cart. The Metropolis shall cost a payment of twenty-five {dollars} ($25) yearly for this allow, to be paid to the Metropolis Clerk/Treasurer.

SECTION III. Earlier than being granted a allow or used on allowed roadways, the golf cart shall be inspected by a licensed inspector designated by the Wayne County Sheriff and authorized by the Division of Car Regulation to make sure that the golf cart complies with the necessities of KRS 189.286 and this Ordinance.

SECTION IV. Any particular person working a permitted golf cart on a public roadway designated below this Ordinance shall maintain a legitimate operator’s license in his or her possession.

SECTION V. No particular person below the age of 18 could also be permitted to function any golf cart below this Ordinance.

SECTION VI. Any golf cart working below this Ordinance shall be operated solely between dawn and sundown and shall show a slow-moving car emblem in compliance with KRS 189.820.

SECTION VII. Any golf cart working below this Ordinance shall be insured in compliance with KRS 304.39-080 by the proprietor or operator, and the proof of insurance coverage shall be contained in the golf cart always of operation on a public roadway designated on this Ordinance.

SECTION VIII. Any particular person working a golf cart on a public roadway designated on this Ordinance shall be topic to the site visitors laws of KRS Chapter 189.

SECTION IX. A golf cart working on a public roadway designated on this Ordinance shouldn’t be thought-about to be a motorcar, and is exempt from title necessities of KRS 186.020, car registration necessities of KRS 186.050, and emissions compliance certificates pursuant to KRS 224.20-720.

SECTION X. No golf cart shall be operated on any roadway, or any part of any roadway, the place the posted pace restrict is in extra of thirty-five (35) miles per hour, and no golf cart shall cross any roadway or intersection which has a posted pace restrict in extra of thirty-five (35) miles per hour.

SECTION XI. The next roadways within the Metropolis of Monticello, Kentucky, shall be open for golf cart use pursuant to the laws enumerated on this Ordinance:

1. Acacia Avenue

2. Educational Avenue

3. Educational Method

4. Entry Drive

5. Adair Road

6. Airport Street

7. Albertson Road

8. Alchera Court docket

9. Alchera Drive

10. Alexander Road

11. Allen Drive

12. Allen Road

13. Alleys Drive

14. Alice Drive

15. Allyssa Lane

16. Asbury Street

17. Ashbrook Court docket

18. Public sale Road

19. Autumn Run

20. Barnes Drive

21. Barrier Road

22. Barton Court docket

23. Bean Road

24. Becky’s Place

25. Beech Road

26. Beech Valley Manor

27. Bell Road

28. Bell Lane

29. Bertram Road

30. Bess Ann Court docket

31. Betterway Court docket

32. Blevins Drive

33. Bluebird Lane

34. Boone Road

35. Department Street

36. Bree Road

37. Burton Drive

38. Buster Avenue

39. Butler Road

40. Callee’s Court docket

41. Canary Lane

42. Cardinal Avenue

43. Cardinal Method

44. Carter Street

45. Fortress Road

46. Cave Road

47. Middle Road

48. Cherry Road

49. Chesney Road

50. Christian Mill Street

51. Church Road

52. Clay Road

53. Clinton Road

54. Membership Heights

55. Coffey Drive

56. School Road

57. Colt Road

58. Frequent Drive

59. Conley Road

60. Conn Road

61. Nation Membership Drive

62. Nation Meadow Lane

63. Court docket Road

64. Craig Road

65. Crawford Road

66. Crawford View Drive

67. Creeks Aspect Lane

68. Creekview Drive

69. Creekview Street

70. Cumberland Court docket

71. Cumberland Crossing

72. Cumberland Drive

73. Cynthia Drive

74. Dabney Court docket

75. Daffodil Road

76. Daffron Road

77. Damron Drive

78. Daughtery Road

79. Davis Road

80. Dogwood Lane

81. Dugan Road

82. Duncan Road

83. Dunnington Avenue

84. Dutch Lowe Lane

85. East Columbia Avenue

86. Eads Road

87. Eagle Brook Drive

88. East Evelyn Avenue

89. East Excessive Road

90. Eastland Drive

91. East Road

92. Elk Spring Creek Street

93. Elk Road

94. Elm Road

95. Emerald Lane

96. Evelyn Avenue

97. Truthful Road

98. Fairview Avenue

99. Fairway Lane

100. Fem Lane IO1. Foister treet

102. Frisby Road

103. Entrance Road

104. Garth Road

105. Gayle Avenue

106. Gibson Road

107. Grandview Drive

108. Inexperienced Acres Drive

109. Gregory Road

110. Guinn Drive

111. Hardwood Drive

112. Harper Drive

113. Harrison Avenue

114. Hickory Hill Drive

115. Hidden Drive

116. Excessive Road

117. Highland Avenue

118. Highland View Drive

119. Hiland Road

120. Hillary Avenue

121. Hillcreek Drive

122. Hillrise Drive

123. Homestead Heights

124. Homestead Lane

125. Hospital Road

126. Huffaker Road

127. Hummningbird Avenue

128. Hunter Court docket

129. Jasper Road

130. Jenkins Road

131. Jose Court docket

132. Kendrick Avenue

133. Kenny Davis Boulevard

134. Kentucky Avenue

135. Kidd Road

136. Tate Road

137. Lake Road

138. Latham Court docket

139. Laura Lane

140. Lee Road

141. Lewis Road

142. Limestone Road

143. Lincoln Avenue

144. Linda Marie Lane

145. Lloyd Court docket

146. Lloyd Road

147. Lockett Road

148. Loop Drive

149. Maple Road

150. Marry Lane

151. Mary Linda Drive

152. McClellan Drive

153. McKinley-Sexton Street

154. Megan Court docket

155. Mercer Drive

156. Mikel Road

157. Missionary Lane

158. Mockingbird Lane

159. Myrtle Road

160. North Colonial Avenue

161. North First Road

162. North Ridgewood Avenue

163. North Second Road

164. Norris Road

165. Oak Tree Lane

166. Opal Drive

167. Park Avenue

168. Parker Road

169. Parmley Road

170. Pine Road

171. Pogue Drive

172. Printers Alley

173. High quality Drive

174. Race Road

175. Ramsey Road

176. Rankin Lane

177. Rankin Road

178. Purple Bud Lane

179. Ridgewood Avenue

180. Ridgewood Trailor Court docket

181. Robin Lane

182. Rocking Chair Lane

183. Rolling Acres Drive

184. Rolling Hills Boulevard

185. Sandusky Road

186. Savage Road

187. Shady Oak Lane

188. Shearer Road

189. Shell Drive

190. Brief Road

191. Shrewsberry Avenue

192. Aspect Road

193. Sidwell Road

194. Sloan Drive

195. Smedley Lane

196. Smiths Court docket

197. Smith Road

198. Solomon Court docket

199. South Colonial Avenue

200. South Craig Road

201. South Second Road

202. Spring Drive

203. Stardust Avenue

204. Stardust Drive

205. Stokes Court docket

206. Stokes Road

207. Surrey Hill Street

208. Sundown Boulevard

209. Sycamore Drive

210. Tate Drive

211. Tennessee Avenue

212. Third Road

213. Thornton Road

214. Tiffany Drive

215. Tradeway Avenue

216. Trails Finish Road

217. Travis Court docket

218. Upchurch Road

219. Valley View Drive

220. Vena Court docket

221. Victory Drive

222. Vine Road

223. Virgil Road

224. Virginia Avenue

225. Walker Avenue

226. Walmart Plaza Drive

227. Walnut Creek Drive

228. Walnut Road

229. Wayne Road

230. Wayne Drive

231. West Carter Street

232. West Evelyn Avenue

233. Webster Drive

234. Wells Court docket

235. West Monticello Subdivision

236. West Road

237. Wilhite Road

238. Willa Drive

239. Willard Road

240. Wilson Court docket

241. Wilson Road

242. Winna Drive

243. Woodpecker Lane

244. Woodview Drive

245. Younger Road

SECTION XII. No golf cart shall be operated on First Road, South Second Road, School Road, Cave Road, Myrtle Road, Ramsey Road, Kidd Road or Kenny Davis Boulevard between 7:30-8:30 AM and a couple of:30-3:30 PM through the months of August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and Could.

SECTION xm. The penalty for noncompliance with any part of this Ordinance shall be as follows:

1. For first offense, the penalty shall be a wonderful to not exceed ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100.00).

2. For a second offense, the penalty shall be a wonderful to not exceed TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS ($250.00).

3. For a 3rd or subsequent offense, the penalty shall be these of a Class B Misdemeanor.

SECTION XIV. This Ordinance shall take impact upon its adoption and after its publication as required by Kentucky Statute.

ADOPTED this eleventh DAY OF MARCH 2019


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