Hail Ye Tyme of Holie-dayes (A Chrystmasse Track)



Chrystmasse seasons crammed with pleasure, disappointment, melancholy, sentimental
remembrances, thankfulness for items acquired, gatherings of family and friends
are what almost each individual experiences throughout their lifetime of Holie-dayes. 

For Gena Branscombe there have been a lot of those self same experiences.  In her December 14, 1917 letter to her
writer Mr. Schmidt she wrote,

“There’s a foretaste of what the years will carry – this
Christmas – a poignancy that has by no means existed earlier than.  And simply now we’re ready for later information of
my cousin Gerald – who was severely wounded and gassed a couple of days in the past.  I want you might have seen the 2 older
infants frolicking within the snow – this afternoon with their cheeks like
peonies.  They’re each so enormous that they
can hardly each sit on their used –to-be capacious sled – and when their depraved
mom would give an surprising pull – one or the opposite would roll merrily
off.  They’re nice enjoyable.”

Miss Branscombe wrote of her cousin who was combating and was
wounded in Europe throughout World Conflict I. 
Concern, fear, disappointment turns to her recounting of the enjoyment she
skilled taking part in within the snow along with her two oldest infants, Gena and

In varied different letters to Schmidt she wrote of Chrystmasse
journey to Methuen, MA to spend the holie-dayes along with her husband’s household.  Or a Chrystmasse journey to Methuen was thwarted
on account of “Gena had Grippe – and whereas she was in a position to be out a day or so earlier than
Christmas – we didn’t dare threat it …” 
(December 26, 1915 letter).  One other
letter explains she had no time to ship out playing cards or have an image taken of
daughter Gena as a result of she was out of city taking part in concert events. 

Now why the 2 totally different spellings of the phrase
Christmas/Chrystmasse or the phrase Holie-dayes?

As a composer, Gena Branscombe added her Chrystmasse track to
the revealed and carried out repertoire in 1912. 
With poet Kendall Banning the 2 mixed abilities to write down “Hail Ye
Tyme of Holie-dayes.”  Mr. Banning’s
poetry harkens again to olde English which I’m positive delighted Miss Branscombe.  A sprightly, upbeat tune acknowledging love,
laughter, enjoyable, follie, garb worn by the poor and Noblesse.  Encouraging songs of happiness will assist rid
sorrow and madrigals for all as a result of Chryst might be with ye alle! 


“Hail Ye Tyme of Holiedayes” revealed by the Arthur P.
Schmidt Co. of Boston  bought nicely and was carried out continuously by well-known singers David Bishpham, Laurence Tibbett, Norman Joliffe, Penelope Davis and lots of others.  Miss Branscombe organized the solo track for ladies’s refrain, SATB and TTBB.  Much more gross sales had been made.  Royalties to assist with Chrystmasse bills had been acquired with glee and thankfulness.

Whereas we’ve labored to carry Gena Branscombe’s music into
the 21st century, I wish to categorical my my heart-filled because of the
Branscombe/Tenney/Phenix household for his or her items of help, kindness and

Benefit from the sentiment of the Holie-dayes poem

Hail Ye Tyme of
Holie-Dayes  (A Track of Chrystmasse)

Kendall Banning,
poet,   devoted to David Bispham


Hail Ye tyme of

Mistletoe and Hollie;

Love and laughter,
feastings after,

Beckon enjoyable and follie.


Easy folke in humble
Noblesse of their golde,

Hail to-day, in courageous

Chrystmasse as of olde.


Sing however songs of

‘vaunt ye ideas of

Troublings stop in tyme
of peace,

Cares will seare ye-morrow


Easy songs for lowlie

Madrigals for halle;

Reste ye, Chrysten

Chryst be with ye alle!




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