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Howdy and welcome again to the recaps for Crime Scene Returns, the place we’ll be beginning up the final case (sadly) after ending up among the best final episode. For Episode 9, we’re tying every little thing collectively, which is an enchanting alternative by manufacturing.


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Okay, so that is the final case of the season, and has the potential to be superb as a result of they’re tying all of the storylines collectively now. The Fungmu Group has been concerned on this present from the primary case, and now the chairman of mentioned group is the sufferer of the homicide being investigated.

From the corporate’s corruption to the inventory manipulation to the chemtrails to the customized illnesses to ordering hits, it’s all right here once more. We’re going again to the primary case when it comes to detectives as properly, because it’ll be Detective Park (Park Ji Yoon) for this one. Once more, that might be a waste contemplating how nice she is at enjoying characters, however we’ll see.

Surprisingly, this set is extra like those from the unique runs.


Sufferer – Kwak Gokdu

  • 70-year-old male chairman of the Fungmu Group
  • Stabbed in coronary heart by old-looking Fungmu engraved knife, each palms coated in blood
  • Keyboard has blood on “J”, “G”, “S” in Korean and “W”, “R”, “T” in English
  • Madam Jang found out the order is “G”-“S”-“J”/”R”-“T”-“W” as a result of blood
  • Suicide observe left that takes duty for the scandals, possible written by assassin
  • “In line with plan” phrase talked about in motto and observe
  • Father is Kwak Wonjo, has ties to Tongryeong authorities by way of Madam Jang marriage
  • Requested human assets director Go Shimbok to advertise Yujin Kwak to Fungmu BioValley supervisor and appoint him as a director of Fungmu Group

In all probability one of many extra complicated issues about that is the notepad in his desk, as he talks cryptically about listening to God guiding him and stuff. In 2015, he was informed to finish the drugs. In 2020, he mentioned it is going to rain from the sky. In 2023, he mentioned God was attempting to rule over Fungmu. Can solely assume that’s associated to the Researcher Joo ties, whose resume was on his desk. There’s suspicions he was speaking about releasing the JV-45 virus by way of chemtrails with a view to promote the remedy that Researcher Joo was creating.

In fact, there was additionally a cliffhanger, this one associated to a false wall in his workplace.

Madam Jang (Jang Dong Min)

  • 63-year-old feminine, spouse of sufferer, former president’s oldest daughter
  • Marriage of convivence into the Tongryeong household in 1965
  • They’ve a child in Daughter Kwak, who she desires to be the inheritor
  • Had Agent Jang holding tabs (1985/1990) on sufferer’s mistress, Ahn Naeyeon, and Yujin Kwak
  • Sufferer put illegitimate son Yujin Kwak on household registry
  • Brother is Jang Samdeung, who’s working for political workplace, however supported Father Jang as a substitute
  • Alibi is she was ready at residence at time of homicide

Not a ton of mess for not, however she argued with the sufferer throughout their assembly as a result of the sufferer needed to present the corporate to Yujin Kwak, whereas she needed to present it to Daughter Kwak.

The perfect a part of this character’s arc up to now is simply these exchanges:

President Key (SHINee’s Key)

  • 47-year-old male, president of Fungmu Group and second-in-command
  • Father was a founding member of Fungmu Group
  • Employed in 2000, turns into chief director in 2015, and president in 2018
  • Collects antiques, together with previous watches … like Luxurious Jang or no?
  • Obsessive about magnificence and youth, makes use of viagra
  • Enterprise head of the chemtrail stuff for the corporate
  • Article on Fungmu Group corruption and duplicate of Jeon Minkyo’s petition in desk
  • His alibi is that he was at residence on the time of the homicide

Requested a shareholders assembly on January 16 for the aim of stripping managerial rights from the sufferer, however claims he wasn’t gunning for the chairman position. Nonetheless, it was later came upon that he had a nameplate calling himself chairman already made.

Secretary Jang accused him of getting a knife just like the homicide weapon as part of his antiques, however he defined that these aren’t handed down from his father. Not a horrible principle, actually.

Yujin Kwak (IVE’s Yujin)

  • 40-year-old male with the household identify Ahn that’s the director’s illegitimate son
  • Had image of Kwak Gokdu and mom from 1984, Madam Jang chased them away to America
  • Got here to Korea on December 25 of final yr, came upon father didn’t know the place he was
  • Sufferer gave him management of BioValley to apologize
  • Has a house stuffed with mirrors and is narcissistic, into health and is obsessive about look
  • Birthday is March 1, independence motion day, which is able to in all probability be related later
  • Claims his alibi is that he was at residence when the homicide occurred

A torn up newspaper speaking about Fungmu Group’s troubles have been within the trash, which uncoincidentally associated to him being appointed in control of BioValley. He took his work critically and would possibly blame father for loss to his rep, as he might be accountable for the mess. Maybe sufferer needed to advertise him to chairman to have him take blame as a fall man after which use Daughter Kwak to maneuver ahead.

In his mom’s diary, it’s revealed that she owned a laundromat, missed his father (the sufferer), and was depressed. Motive is simple within the sense that he was deserted for years, solely to come back again and be made the autumn man from father’s mess.

Researcher Joo (Joo Hyun Younger)

  • 38-year-old feminine with the Fungmu Prescription drugs R&D staff, a particular appointment
  • Johns Hopkins doctorate in microbiology, did rejuvenation and anti-aging analysis
  • Known as a parachute rent because of the chairman
  • Met privately with chairman each Wednesday
  • Logs reveal analysis into JV-45, of which 30 grams might infect 200 million
  • Had Japanese medical textbooks … Physician Jang connection?
  • Claims three month delay in appointment was as a result of being hit by automobile in Thailand
  • Took oestrogen dietary supplements
  • “The day will come” motto in lab
  • Alibi was that she was at residence throughout the homicide

She discovered the remedy to JV-45, however received chewed out for it within the assembly with the chairman as a result of the analysis wasn’t hers alone. She herself made no progress since September of 2022, however then had success on January 16. As a substitute, she stole it from any individual who received nearer. That particular person, Kim Dongryo, was in a coma as a result of a poisonous gasoline leak on January 15 within the lab.

Moreover, it’s revealed Choi Soo Seok died in an explosion again in 1990, which appears to haven’t any connection now, however … is bizarre. I’ve a sense that and her analysis space is expounded in some way, maybe that’s she mendacity about her age or one thing.

The motive would clearly be that with all people else lifeless, killing the sufferer would imply solely she would know in regards to the remedy and could be wealthy.

Secretary Jang (Jang Jin)

  • 37-year-old male that was the non-public secretary to the sufferer for 2 years
  • Had enterprise logs in workplace, confirmed he knew of Researcher Joo’s delay and order to ship Lawyer Joo after Jeon Minkyo
  • After Yujin Kwak left assembly, sufferer informed him to alter flight schedule for Fungmu Airways to March, possibly to have chemtrails distract from controversy
  • Claims was at residence when the homicide occurred as his alibi
  • Not clear when he truly left the workplace

Had case information after being informed to pickup a USB, so he made a duplicate. Paperwork on a court docket ruling concerning a scientific trial for Pigonamic-C, which made Fungmu Group well-known. Revealed that Park Yeochin’s dad and mom sued after she died within the trial, which resulted in a not responsible verdict and costs have been ordered to be paid by dad and mom. She was revealed to be his former girlfriend and joined the corporate to search out data associated to her. He discovered that the outcomes have been imagined to be confidential, in order that they knew the hazard. The drink incorporates opium, which the federal government cleared in 1960 in trade for land.

Additionally knew in regards to the Secretary Namgoong killing themselves in 2019, JV-45, embezzlement, so he had loads of ammunition and motivation to get revenge. For me, although, the factor is he had loads of methods to get his revenge with out killing the sufferer.



  • 1:00 PM – President Key with sufferer in director’s assembly
  • 1:40 PM – Madam Jang has 20-minute assembly, confirmed by Secretary Jang
  • 2:00 PM – Yujin Kwak has five-minute assembly, confirmed by Secretary Jang
  • 3:00 PM – Madam Jang claims she’s ready at residence
  • 4:00 PM – President Key claims he went to workplace for work, says Secretary Jang was lacking
  • 3:00-5:30 PM – Secretary Jang claims he was instructed to do work exterior of workplace by sufferer
  • 8:00 PM – Secretary Jang claims to have left workplace
  • 8:20 PM – Researcher Joo claims to have went to workplace glided by herself for assembly
  • 8:30-10:00 PM – Estimated time of demise for sufferer


  • President Key: 1 (Detective Park)

In the intervening time, I’m going with Yujin Kwak, simply because it looks as if their story might principally be that his life was ruined not directly by the sufferer and his mom’s life undoubtedly was, then he was given a life raft with the corporate, solely to search out out the sufferer was going to scapegoat him. That might lead any individual to kill, particularly contemplating his excessive satisfaction. Nonetheless, one might argue he’s extra prone to kill Madam Jung.

Talking of, she has an excellent motivation, simply because usually succession kind wars inside households like these are ugly, and bringing again your mistress’ child to take over the corporate (what she believed) as a substitute of your individual daughter might get ugly.

Researcher Joo is a first-rate suspect in actual life as a result of greed, however not a lot on this present (up to now). Extra possible she’s a assassin of different scientists, as there’s probably not a motivating issue for her to kill now. Equally, Secretary Jang had loads of private motivation, maybe probably the most out of anyone given his ex-girlfriend’s destiny. Nonetheless, he was compiling a ton of proof towards the corporate and had loads of methods to get his revenge with out killing the sufferer. Not likely certain on President Key’s motivation in the mean time, however it looks as if a excessive chance that his father’s historical past will likely be tied to all this in the long run.


Different Stuff

  • Given all of the hints they’ve dropped all through the season, they lastly tied up all of the circumstances collectively as an extended arc.
  • There are divided opinions on this strategy, however I believe it’s truly an awesome addition, because it’s a pleasant reward for viewers who watched the entire season, in addition to serving to to maintain the curiosity in later episodes.
  • Mentioned this with the primary case, however Park Ji Yoon as detective looks as if a waste.
  • That mentioned, repeating her makes issues attention-grabbing, as fortunately the producers are undoubtedly not going the predictable meta route with detectives and suspects. That makes issues tougher to foretell simply by wanting and who hasn’t been a perp up to now.
  • Lee Jin Woo display time!
  • The IVE references all through the season have been on level.


By way of like comedy stuff, this episode was gentle on that aspect of issues. Nonetheless, I cherished it due to the sheer quantity of recollects, Easter Eggs, and all that stuff that comes with every little thing being interwoven now. It’s additionally fairly sophisticated up to now due to all of the historical past concerned, and it solely figures to get extra in order issues go alongside.

In case you’ve seen the opposite accessible episodes, don’t spoil it within the feedback.


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